Ihre Zeit ist wertvoll. Schützen Sie diese begrenzte Ressource, wann immer es möglich ist.
Fliegen mit German Airways Business & Private Travel ist die clevere, schnelle und bequeme Art, Europa und die Welt zu bereisen.

Direct, exclusive, personal service: for you.

When you book a business or private jet, you will quickly reach your desired destination and make the most of your travel time. Endless hours at the airport, security checks and lack of space in the luggage compartment are a thing of the past. On business trips, you take care of your job on the road and stay in touch with your team. And if the next roadshow only lasts a few days instead of weeks, you’ll also have more time to travel with your family.

Germain Airways offers you personal service, comfort and safety. We ensure that your charter flight fits perfectly into your pre- and post-flight arrangements. This ensures maximum efficiency in your travel plan. From start to finish, German Airways gives top priority to punctuality and well-organized connections.

Wussten Sie, dass die Luft in einer Embraer-Kabine mindestens 20 Mal pro Stunde vollständig aufgefrischt wird? HEPA-Filter und sorgfältig entwickelte Luftströme sind wirksam, um Partikel in der Luft und andere Biokontaminanten einzufangen.

Enjoy a fully customized travel experience.

Our service team will work closely with you to plan your business or private trip. Wherever and for however long you want to travel: we are there for you. We not only plan and execute your jet flight, but also coordinate perfectly executed ground transfers. In addition, we recommend exceptional accommodation and inspiring entertainment. Whether business trip, sports trip, luxury weekend or any other occasion, we will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Does the idea of a business or private flight trip sound interesting to you or are you looking for a better charter jet experience? Please contact us at any time.

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